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Candidate Registration Terms and Conditions

As employment seeker / applicant for this and / or future positions.

  1. I acknowledge that FROGG Recruitment SA provides a service(s) to its candidates / client’s users-companies and is paid by this client and only act as an Agent for the Client or Candidate. Therefore, an interview with FROGG Recruitment SA does not necessarily guarantee employment with either FROGG Recruitment SA or our Client(s). Successful Candidate will be contacted for an Interview if the Client accepts the Applicant Application after the screening and interview process through FROGG Recruitment SA.
  2. I hereby give permission for FROGG Recruitment to:
    1. Conduct verbal references on my person and competencies.
    2. Host my Curriculum Vitae / Professional Profile on a database.
    3. After mutual agreement, transmit / send any / all my personal details to its client(s) or a third party.
  3. I agree to be a responsible and professional representative of FROGG Recruitment SA during any interview or assignment.


By accepting you agree not to contact the client during or after the interview process directly or indirect through a 3rd Party.

I hereby declare that the information provided is true and correct, that all references supplied are bona fide, that no information that can influence my application is withheld and that by clicking on accepting I agree to all the above conditions.  

Thank you for using FROGG Recruitment SA as your Job Seeker Agency.

The FROGG Team

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